Saturday, January 23, 2016


     Three years ago, I had a mysterious dream. I found myself standing outside, between two strange buildings. The lofty towers are connected by a sky bridge of some sort. It is made out of glass and I could clearly see the city's reflection on it. I gazed in awe at the building. Its architectural design is quite complicated and futuristic, like the ones you often see when watching Hollywood sci-fi movies.

Nothing unusual happened. As far as I can remember, I did nothing but to keep on standing on the same location until… suddenly I woke up.

When I woke up, I actually didn't mind it. I thought of it as an ordinary dream, or just an imagination made by my subconscious mind.

     After a year, while browsing the internet, I was astounded when I came across with this very familiar picture:

That building is very similar to the building that appeared in my dream. I was filled with wonder when it turned out to be real. Out of curiosity, I did some research about it. Naga Towers is its name. Construction is still ongoing and its completion is expected few years from now. It is a part of Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT), an under-construction central business district between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar in India.

Graphic representation of the GIFT city project.
Architectural model of the GIFT.

The question that lingers my mind until now is –why did I dream of such thing? Is this a case of astral projection? What is the significance of that building to my life? Will I be able to go there? Or even work there? Mysterious indeed.


  1. Ikaw kasi, nag-english ka, napanaginipan mo tuloy yan hehehe.
    Weird at ang cool naman ng iyong panaginip :)

    Malay mo, sa future makakapunta ka pala dun, naks!
    Who knows?! :)

    Ang ibig sabihin marahil ng iyong panaginip ay...
    ...bigyan mo kami ng GIFT lols :)

    1. In-english ko kasi in case na makita 'to ni sister eh hindi niya 'to babasahin kasi hindi naman yun mahilig magbasa ng English. lol.
      Sana nga di niya 'to mabasa.

  2. Ha ha in fairness English ha Beki level up na he he ... ganda niyan ah sa Naga ba iyan ? if matuloy surely Naga City will never be the same again
    : )

    1. Nag-skip read ka noh? haha.
      Read again. Sa India po 'yan, hindi sa Pinas. Pasenscious dahil nakalimutan kong i-mention na kaya Naga Towers ang namesung niyan ay dahil "naga" is a Sanskrit word for "snake", at yun po ang inspiration ng design ng building.

  3. naga? as in bicol naga? wehhhhh. pero ha, medyo duda ako na mabubuo yan. sorry ang pessi. e kasi pinas to. wala lang.

    baka archi ka nung past life mo?

    1. Mga teh ha, wag niyong sabihing nags-skip read kayo sa mga pino-post ko. wahaha.

      Archi sa past life? Di naman ata. But, I am always amazed by the Renaissance architecture.

  4. I have a theory. You were sleeping. the fact is, somebody made you sleep by injecting something in you that would induce a really deep sleep. These agents know that your mind has the capacity to conjure figures and images of remarkable engineering/architectural wonders. They employed the program Inception and extracted those images and info from your subconscious. And India is now a better place while you're here wondering if it's coincidence, deja vu, or something else.

    Hahaha! Saw Inception again yesterday. Wala lang... Hehehe!

    You know in my dreams it is always night time. In my most recent dream, I saw ruins of a fortress. Minsan mga castle or palace. but it's always freaky there. Kapag day time naman sa dream ko, i am usually standing on the highest peak of an island, looking over a vast blue ocean. It is so vast and peaceful that it overwhelms me, as in natatakot ako.

    I think it's time for me to stop eating heavy midnight snacks before going back to sleep. Hahaha!

    1. Recursive dream ang tawag sa panaginip na paulit-ulit, meron daw iyang malaking kahulugan sa life mo. Pwedeng connected sa iyong past life or maybe it has something to do with your future.

      Ako naman my dreams are always blurry and dull-colored. The setting, and even the characters' faces are always blurred. Kaya naman 'pag nagkakaroon ako ng vivid na panaginip, para sa'kin there is something significant about that dream. 2 beses pa lang ako nagkaroon ng vivid dream. This one at tsaka yung isang dream ko about sa lalaking gwapo na hindi ko kilala.


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